Ahornblatt in Buch

"Poets are all who love, who feel great truths, and tell them; and the truth of truths is love."

- Philip James Bailey -

Blaue Feder, Feather

Two Drifters

We’re blown in the wind


You and I together


Up and away






Light as a feather


You and I

we belong together.

It was meant to be, 

it is our fate.

We are one

and will be one


My friend.

My lover.

My soulmate.

Mann und Frau, Paar, Seelenverwandte, Soulmates

Schmetterling auf Wasser, Butterfly



stepped into my life. 


touched my very soul. 


made me see who I am.


will ever

be the same.


 I’m wandering around

through my darkest days,

have lost sight of a home

or any peaceful place.


My heart is screaming,

it’s burning like fire.

My dear, can’t you hear it?

You’re my only desire.


I lay my life in your arms,

the only place I find freedom.

Trauriges Mädchen auf Fensterbank

 One last look in your eyes, 

let me drown in your ocean.


I hear the angels calling

for my soul to come home.

Bring me back to the glory,

where’s no sorrow, no pain.


I can’t fight any more.

I just long to find peace,

for my maltreated soul,

saved by death’s sweetest kiss.

Eternal Light

What is this feeling,

that's burning like fire?

Fills my body and soul

with endless desire. 

I'm craving for more,

so much more of your light.

Please free my lost soul

from this painful fight.

Let's get lost together

in the eternal light.

For our souls to be one,

that shines beaming and bright.


Goldener Sonnenaufgang über Berge, Sunrise

Wooden Hearts hanging

Just Love

I think of you

and all I feel

is love.

I look at you

and all I see

is love.

I touch you

and all I want

is love.

I love you

and all I wish is,

to love you


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